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Report Writer Bootcamp

Two days of pre-conference training in financial and standard report writer

October 19 - 20, 2019
Pre-conference bootcamps

AccuFund provides a financial report writer and a standard report/form writer, but is your organization taking full advantage of these powerful, flexible features? Learn how to customize standard forms like checks or address labels, how to duplicate and adapt reports to meet your organization's requirements, and how to extract your general ledger financial data.


Bootcamp will be two days, one day focusing on standard reports/forms and the other on financial reports. You can sign up for one or both days. 

STANDARD REPORT AND FORM WRITER (Sat., October 19,2019, 9:00 AM to ~4:30 PM)

Learn how to edit or add reports covering general ledger detail, module/subledger detail (such as Accounts Payable, Payroll, and all other components) using the AccuFund Standard Report Writer.


Topics included in this one-day session:

  1. Review the types of reports that can be created by the standard report writer.

  2. Learn how to create a report from scratch, and how to copy and edit an existing report to get the information you need.

  3. Create custom formulas and variables to augment your reports.

  4. Explore how to control formatting, how to attach images, and page break options.

  5. Learn report automation options, such as automatic emailing, and report scheduling.

FINANCIAL REPORT WRITER (Sun., October 20, 2019, 9:00 AM to ~4:30 PM)

Learn how to make great financial statements for your board, departments, auditors, and other stakeholders.

This one day financial statement report writer class will cover the following topics:

  1. Review the types of financial reports commonly needed in a government agency or nonprofit, and review examples.

  2. Most of the day will be spent creating a new financial statement, formatting the statement, and adding the rows and columns needed.

  3. Explore report printing options, such as report breaks, automatically emailing reports using report breaks, and scheduling reports

  4. Cover tips and best practices for creating new reports

  • The course is aimed at users who are already familiar with AccuFund

  • You must bring a Windows laptop. You will need permission to install software on this laptop.

  • We will provide a copy of the software and sample databases, and you will be able to take the exercises and examples with you after the course.


Micheal Anthony, Customer Success Manager

When Michael was a sophomore in college, the warehouse where he stocked shelves implemented V1 of Great Plains on an original IBM PC – and since he had taken an ACCT 101 course, he was the logical choice to be the bookkeeper. That started Michael's long obsession with automated accounting and organizational efficiency.  He became a support technician with a fund accounting developer, moving into managing the consulting department for a large CPA firm. There, he worked with individual organizations and large groups, training them to automate their finances and improve their processes.  He joined AccuFund in 2008 in a sales role, but now, as the Customer Success Manager, he enjoys helping clients get the most out of their AccuFund System – just as he always has. In his spare time, Michael enjoys hiking and biking with his wife and playing with his grandchildren.

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